Wednesday, February 27, 2008

a few months ago, back in August i had ideas about new drawings that would use web source as source object, as in a still life..... this project is still in process, but i wanted to if possible, make tangible the intangible. filter through the hand what is typically processed through the eyes only. It wasn't until November that this idea came up again while i was listening to NPR. Wait Don't Tell Me show...  They were discussing and interviewing the brain child of the controversial web site Mydeathspace, also go here for the full spectrum.  Although in this site (mydeathspace) a family or friend could upload the URL of a deceased user. In doing so they were cataloging the seemingly tragic deaths of the young.  The creator claims he hosts some 3500 deaths, most do to car accicidents.  Intrigued i went to this site and stumbled across this girl Mandii (with Two i's). Her page stood out to me.  She was an attractive young girl about 20 years old from the suburbs of Chicago.  Apparently she died of drinking & driving(she was driving).  The story began to grow in my mind, I began to read up on her life via the uploads of self indulgence to her myspace profile.  Therein she littered her page with coded comments and borrowed phrases like "don't worry about the people of your past..there's a reason they don't make it to your future." WOW... this smacked me across the head. i needed to draw this.  As i read further it became more and more special. Here was a girl that claimed to have loved getting "CRUNK" so much that she died doing what she loved or something like that.....there is more!!! let me know if you want to hear it.

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