Wednesday, February 27, 2008

This needs to be said. "She is the table on which the light stands"

It took me three days but while I was drawing Mandii's profile, three things happened... one for each day.....on the first night of drawing i was thought to not be alone in my apt. my roomate goes to bed very early so i was being extra careful to not wake him.  Nevertheless, I knocked over a glass from the coffee table and shortly a door from up stairs slammed shut.  i thought "damn i awoke and pissed off Tom" then within that very same moment Tom walked through the front door. saying "whats up dude" I got a chill!! He just arrived home from hanging out with Allison. He wasnt home. I Explained it to him and we laughed.... The next night drawing on her profile a similar thing occured, but this time Tom was sleeping upstairs, and nothing was on to make noise, no radio or T.V.  just as i started to put the pencil to my yupo paper, the same sound emerged from up the stairs with a load smashing thud of the door. i ran up just as Tom was running down. it woke him, it wasnt him. He with dazed eyes expressed his concern, "was that you?" and I with a sudden lump throat, "NO!!!" On the third night the very same thing happened just as i began to draw on the profile of a girl that recently died.  

Was this her ghost?  maybe... cause as i remember back, and looking through my idea journal to find the entry about my idea for drawing web sites, I found it corresponds with the very week of her death. I know this is strange, but,  i really dont know how to expplain it.  It did happen just as described. Is this going to make the work have a greater weight?, maybe?! but this is fun regardless of the truth or matter in the story. Not to mention the connection to a random person through a drawing, i feel deeply invested in this project.

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