Wednesday, February 27, 2008

lately i've been looking alot at Boys Life Magazine and not alot has change over the years. i remember back, my brother and i fighting over a copy, whose name was on the subscription and all that..... Last time i was home, i came across a box of old Boy's Life mags from 1985-88 and in a few there were oddities that i read as humorous and strangely interesting reads on socialization of American boys. The things i like about this issue reflect the humor aspect. Sidney Moncrief played for the Bucks, and he has a buck tooth, this is freaking awesome, what a find. and those socks, and all those balls, and that grin. 

The idea here is to paint this as is. in doing so i will reflect on my boyhood as a scout, trying to remember as well as illuminate those oddities that we neglected and filtered out at that young age. theres more will come to the surface as i challenge myself with this project.

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