Wednesday, March 26, 2008

So today i arrived in the big apple just as i was chomping down on a nice ruby red one.  Today has been long and now the lobby of my hotel home for the next 5 days is an inviting place rest my butt. there is alot of crap here. but not our room. oh yeah i'm here for an art fair ART NOW. one thing i love about new york is the pizza and it's stupid large amounts of grease that you have to let drip and get all the fuck over everything, hahaha. love it. i'm drinking a beer i got from down the street. it a Magic Hat, from Vermont somthing you can only find here on the east of coasts. 
also, here is what i've been doing all day, the room below is what i have been setting up. enjoy. it is still messing but i will be post sexy clean ones later

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