Tuesday, March 18, 2008

On:  Thomas Lawson: Mining For Gold

Reductive abstraction as a means of making is no longer viable and the trend has shifted to the eccentric novelties. The individual as artist is not so much the persona of that old model but the complete interest of that person given to us in a nicely or not so nice package of a new subjectivity. 

This all sounds good to me, although I feel I don’t get the point of Thomas’ need to categorize these trends, an endeavor that is only good for nothing. As an artist it is hard to take part in such debates of zeitgeist because it detracts from the making of work that is true to what needs to be said at that moment about whatever the given view point is about a topic or conversation… but with that said, I do feel that the work does need to give a view point on something, anything to challenge the banal uses of white exhibition spaces. And I feel that Lawson’s seemingly martyred embracement for such trends only displays his missing of the point.


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