Thursday, September 11, 2008

A few days ago Daily Serving understood what not to say about my work. but the image they used has this odd, where the hell did you come from black boarder on each side?

What they wrote.
"Moore's work has a rather morbid premise. The artist utilizes the site, an archival site of obituaries of MySpace members with links to their profiles. His gouache and graphite photo-realistic drawings mirror the virtual profiles that continue to exist after the life of the user has passed, creating a slightly haunting posthumous profile. The above image, Mandii, provides an artistic memento mori while bringing the viewer face to face with Mandii's mortality and the immortality of the Internet. MySpace has previously been included in both Time Magazine and PC World's rankings of the worst web sites to visit, a conceptual catapult for this particular body of work."

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