Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Current Exhibition: Preview

"Profile Me"
August 29 - September 26

Two person group show with Paul Campbell of Roebling Hall
curated by Sara Ebers

OPENING RECEPTION: August 29th 5-7pm
LOCATION: Hammes Gallery, Moreau Art Galleries,
Saint Mary's College, Notre Dame, IN

Paul Campbell and Dominic Paul Moore introduce
contemporary portraiture through sources from increasingly
popular internet social environments and bring transitory
self-absorbed profiles into the white static walls of Hammes
Gallery. In the two-person ehibition entitled "Profile Me"
curated by Sara Ebers, Campbell and Moore offer
different perspectives and objectives to this current trend.

Paul Campbell represented by Roebling Hall in New York and
Drabinsky Gallery in Toronto, remarks on cyber identity with his
dynamic, vibrant oil on canvas figurative portraits sourced from
the online community Facebook. Depicting the emotions and energy
of unique profiles, Campbell emphasizes the individual's
desire of portraying personality through a self appointed profile
picture. The final result ultimately deteriorates one's personally
chosen indentification into a material object.

Dominic Paul Moore, represented by Packer Schopf Gallery
in Chicago, captures a darker side of profiling. Gathering his
sources from My(death)Space, a site listing the obituaries of
members from the online community MySpace, Moore creates
photo-realistic gouache and graphite drawings. Moore grapples
with universal human aspects of life and death and how the
ramifications of these online identity decisions are affected
in the fleeting world one leaves behind.

Campbell and Moore make tangible the intangible and
raise issues of identification and social interactions as these
virtual profiles are removed from screen to canvas and from your
monitor to gallery walls.


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