Saturday, April 26, 2008

For Immediate Release: Event Date, Friday, May 16, 6PM – 9PM Contact Aron Packer, 312.226.8984

Main Gallery: Hank Feeley A Nice Derangement Paintings

Whenever I see Hank Feeley’s colorful, intricately composed paintings, I am reminded of that great line from When Harry Met Sally. In other words – “I’ll have some of what Feeley is having”. His work is so original and out-there that you often feel that you have stumbled into another dimension. Feeley gets some of his inspiration from the so-called “Chaos Theory” which supports the insistent power of change over convention. He takes license to reorder and re-contextualize the world of images to present not the accepted logical arrangement, but rather an aesthetically provocative re-arrangement. Feeley’s sources are endless: generally familiar images, signs and symbols of contemporary culture, art history and literature, myth and legend, and even doodles. In other words, whatever he can draw on to throw open the gates of our perception.

IN THE LAB: Dominic Paul Moore You’re Gonna Love it Here Drawings

Dominic Paul Moore’s newest body of work, titled You’re Gonna Love it Here, features gouache and graphite photo-realistic drawings. With inspirations from current sources such as Myspace, to dated advertisements from Boy’s Life and medical journals, Moore subverts and challenges the original intent by offering up alternate reads. Despite the diversity of subject matter, the overall objection unmistakably questions American modes of thinking, especially the white male. The work cynically depicts themes such as the online personal profile, American Imperialism, and conservative propaganda.


Main Gallery: Hank Feeley
A Nice Derangement Paintings

IN THE LAB: Dominic Paul Moore
You’re Gonna Love it Here Drawings

When: Artists’ Reception: Friday, May 16, 6 – 9 PM
Exhibition dates: May 16 – June 21
Gallery Hours: Tuesday – Saturday 11:00AM – 5:30PM

Please call or email for hi-res digital images

Where: Packer Schopf Gallery
942 west lake st.
chicago il

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